Peter & Napalai more than 19 years experience

How to find yourself again safely

I will accompany you to your destination.

We are constantly exposed to new situations and
Suddenly we feel the pressure mounting.

Whether it’s your professional or personal situation?
Are we under more and more pressure? Perhaps we are accompanied by fear or it is fear. There are countless possibilities for loading. Now it would be nice to know that we can get back to our old security.

If we leave everything as it is, our body and soul will suffer at some point. We often think we can do it on our own, but there are things that don’t open up to us. Professional help is available for this.

Here I can offer you to find your way back to your old security, to yourself. My work is based on scientific knowledge and proven methods that I have improved over decades of experience. In more than 19 years, I have been able to help countless people, including you.

Main focus

Self-discovery, self-confidence. Conquering fears and transforming them into courage and lightness

Dissolve blockages and transform them into self-realization

Addictive behavior, defeat addictions and achieve freedom

Resolve relationship problems and bring them into harmony


Peter Christian Rabeneck has a talent for
getting involved with you and thus finding the causes that burden you,
restrict you.

His credo – he gets to the bottom of things. He will take around 3 hours for your first coaching session.

Every person is important to Him and He knows that the solution lies within you.
Peter knows how to activate this power in you.

Would you like to meditate but it’s not really working?

Learn the secrets of Move Meditation.
Experience and learn a centuries-old and proven way of meditation that is no longer taught in this way.
Find your center and your own answers in life.

The path, to personal clarity and unique expansion of consciousness.

Non-binding initial consultation

Trust is also based on knowledge. We get to know each other in a conversation.

Price guarantee
We agree on session rates, not hourly rates. Price transparency creates trust.
Our coaching

Every person is different. Thanks to my many years of professional experience, you will experience exceptional personal coaching.


There is no substitute for experience except experience.
If you do not notice any progress, you will get your money* back or a credit*.

*Departing from the time spent on amnanesis.

Our life, like everything else, is designed for balance – the universe – our nature – the atom.

Where there is light, there is also shadow. For everything there is a counterweight. Everything is somehow connected.
The challenge is to correctly recognize the unconscious action, evaluation in the subconscious and to restore the balance.

For example, she feels insecure. In a mental trance state we find out together that your parents had no time for you or that important people in your life have died. Your brain now connects a feeling in your body and it is activated every time you want to commit in whatever form. Whether professionally or privately, your subconscious doesn’t care.

We then find the right counterpart to this feeling during the session, in the form of a feeling. At the end of the session, you will look at or evaluate yourself and your life in a new, safe way that you have only sometimes experienced before. More details on the phone.

In 4 steps we get to the solution.



What is your goal and how energetically will you achieve it?
Is there a conflict of goals, for example on the subject of success, love or something else? Why do you keep attracting certain people into your life – maybe narcissists?



We get to the bottom of things together. This also includes unpleasant questions. Whether it’s about method acting, fears, frustration, negative experiences, mistakes, sexual issues, the desire to have children, couple issues, family, children or overloads such as burn-out, our brain and emotions always work according to the same pattern. 19 years of experience show their fruits here. (incl. StrengthsTest)


The Mental Session

It is not easy to explain and understand it. In the end, I am something of a travel companion. You determine where it goes, then we find out what triggers the current actions and dissolve them, or change them according to your ideas. At the end of the day, what matters to me is that you stay the way you are. We work with your resources.

And believe me, everyone has been surprised by the resources you have.


For success there needs to be a BEFORE and an AFTER

Before that means an initial conversation to find out if I can help you. One after that, because you will be accompanied by me throughout your process. The unconscious- must pass into conscious action.
It must fit like a key in a keyhole.

How to get
you to the goal

Important notes for the procedure:

Dear customer, you have opted for high-quality, intensive and effective mental coaching. Due to the high quality, you also receive a guarantee*

Good results require good preparatory work and coaching is therefore time-consuming and requires a lot of consultation.
We therefore ask you to follow the procedure.

You will first come to our contact form via the -For Booking- button.

Please fill this out with your request or concern. I will contact you as soon as possible and discuss all the details with you personally. At the same time, you can start filling out our strengths test, for example.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you
Your Peter Christian Rabeneck



Our all inclusive coaching packages

All options incl. Guarantee:
Every offer is guaranteed to bring you closer to your goal!
Result-focused applications to make you feel good.

You are welcome to receive an individual offer. Or you can choose our lucrative online offers.


Basic package

Also known as the starter package, it gets to the heart of the matter. It is suitable for issues that need to be resolved quickly and reliably.
It consists of various tools and 21 days of aftercare. E.g. the strengths test.


Long-term package

As above, it is suitable for issues that need to be resolved effectively.
We also clear up all the influences surrounding your old topic.
Which makes you even freer and more secure.

It is suitable for larger transformations. Period is over 3 months.


All-round carefree package

Builds on the long-term package and you will receive even more intensive and, above all, longer support.
Recommended for in-depth topics or in-service measures and mediations.

Details are individually tailored to your needs.

Live lightly

Life, your life is unique.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could enjoy every second! Many people now think that we have learned that life is not a sugar rush. Yes, because your parents didn’t know any other way. They didn’t know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Let’s learn to deal with setbacks and negative emotions more easily.

My goal, my calling is to support you on your journey and get you out of crises quickly and effectively.

The important thing is YOU and what you want to do with your life. Maybe you just want to optimize it and thus live even more carefree?

This is a valid desire and has nothing to do with the fact that you may be psychologically mentally ill. Because if you are psychically sick, you wouldn’t be allowed to come to me at all!

The way to us

Your non-binding consultation

Customers feedback

A heartfelt thank you

My sessions with Peter have had a central theme and have touched me deeply emotionally. In hypnosis, which I was always worried about and which is so solution-oriented, the cause of the blockage came up. Immediately afterwards, I was able to take a really deep breath. Before I had a kind of belly band that is now gone. Free breath, feeling of freedom on all levels, unlocking in all that is and a wonderful feeling with which I now go through life. All in just 3 sessions!!!

I can only recommend Peter, he is very sensitive and sensible in his work. With a lot of empathy he gives confidence in the method, to me the solution was in a challenging situation.

Thank you Peter and keep up the good work.


Dear Mr. Rabeneck,

thank you very much for your wonderful support with my personal challenges. Working with you gave me a whole new perspective on old problems, which I was able to solve in a very short time with your help. I can definitely recommend your work!


Opening hours

Working days from – 9:30 to 17:30
Saturdays – 09:00 till 11:30

Or by arrangement


Germany – 81371 Munich – Gaißacherstr. 3
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