Exclusively in a temple of monks…

How you
Reconnect mind and soul

Dive into the secrets of Move Meditation

Meditate with the monks. Enjoy complete tranquility in soothing seclusion.

A temple of peace and relaxation

A special place, a temple that is usually closed to tourists.

Discover the secrets of Move Meditation. Learn from the monks. Meditate according to ancient traditions.

Secluded, without hustle and bustle, without distractions. Here you will finally find the peace, relaxation and back to yourself.

Please note: The number of participants is limited to 10 persons.

Non-binding consultation

An exceptional place deserves
exceptional advice.
Please ask all your questions.
We will be happy to answer them.

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Currency fluctuations are at our expense.


Our success rate is 99% . If you do not perceive any progress, we will give you a repetition, in the monastery included. Board and lodging.

The temple
the meditaiton

The monastery has existed in this form for more than 150 years. The cave with the Buddhas is much older.

Napalai was partially trained here. She visited several monasteries, but this temple brought her the necessary peace and strength.

Napalai, it is allowed to bring into this sacred site guests. In a small group up to max. 10 people you will learn the basic forms of meditation and the first step to perfect meditation.

You will find, besides the peace and relaxation there, through the effective way of this particular form of meditation to your soul. You learn and experience what really is your inner center and how you can activate and find it again and again. Mind and soul find each other.

The accommodations are very simple because the focus is on Move Meditation and your soul.

This place has a unique atmosphere. It is an extraordinary and peaceful place, with its own micro-climate due to the cave.

The accommodation
The procedure

Napalai’s master (monk) once said:
“The high art of meditation is to let go of one’s thoughts on one’s own, without influence from outside.”

Because only in this way can your nervous system regenerate and your brain recover. Therefore, the size of the group is limited to 10 people.


7 meditation days in monastery

The procedure follows the rules of the monks. This is the only way to achieve this transformation within 7 days.

It starts every day at 04.00 and will be characterized by different types of meditation that you will be taught and the daily life of the monks.

This includes eating together and a strict telephone ban during the day. At the end of the day, when you go back to your room, you may use your phone for urgent calls.


The accommodation is in the Mönchsklsoter

It’s about leaving everyday life behind, and that includes familiar surroundings.

Experience a conversion of a special kind. The rooms are according to the culture of the country and yet more comfortable.

You have a toilet, a fan, and a mattress.


Other - Food - Clothing

The clothes, will be provided. Every sensory organ is activated as a result.

The food, of course, is Thai but is adapted to European conditions. So there is also coffee, bread, and the food is served less spicy.
Special requests can be considered until before arrival.

Extras included


Meditation training and guidance

A monk, will personally accompany you and guide you into the secrets of meditation.
We are here for you at any time.



We will pick you up from the airport or your hotel in Phuket and bring you back.
You will travel in an air-conditioned modern minibus.



Full board – breakfast, lunch, dinner. Enjoy the Thai cuisine, of course somewhat adapted to European tastes. You can also lend a hand if you like.

Special requests please be sure to communicate before arrival Thank you. We help where we can.


The goal

Passing on the traditional Thai Move Meditation to people who can appreciate it, who can handle it.

After these 7 days, you will have grown beyond yourself.
You will have found an unprecedented access to yourself.
You will have found your center, your soul. The peace and relaxation of it,
will give you the strength for the future.

There are rarely chances like this, at an original temple
to spend everyday life with monks and learn directly from them.

Find your way back to inner peace and strength now, we are looking forward to seeing you.

The path to your meditation journey begins here

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Customers feedback

A heartfelt thank you

My sessions with Peter have had a central theme and have touched me deeply emotionally. In hypnosis, which I was always worried about and which is so solution-oriented, the cause of the blockage came up. Immediately afterwards, I was able to take a really deep breath. Before I had a kind of belly band that is now gone. Free breath, feeling of freedom on all levels, unlocking in all that is and a wonderful feeling with which I now go through life. All in just 3 sessions!!!

I can only recommend Peter, he is very sensitive and sensible in his work. With a lot of empathy he gives confidence in the method, to me the solution was in a challenging situation.

Thank you Peter and keep up the good work.


Dear Mr. Rabeneck,

thank you very much for your wonderful support with my personal challenges. Working with you gave me a whole new perspective on old problems, which I was able to solve in a very short time with your help. I can definitely recommend your work!


Temple Times

From October to March
You will find out the details and the free places after your non-binding request.

Individual and corporate bookings by arrangement


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