Peter & Napalai more than 18 years experience
in mental training and meditation

How you simply come to rest

After only 1 week of Move Meditation you will feel the change

If you are one of those people who have given everything, it is time for you to get something. Discover the secrets of Move Meditaion.


Imagine that someone can activate your own powers, your own abilities, your solution possibilities.

And that someone is yourself. This is exactly what happens when you find the right medication.


Learn to meditate where the monks learn it. Learn to meditate from the Origin – The True.

Without influences, without manipulations.

Finally arrive at yourself and find your power, your truthfulness.


The simple way to achieve clarity and expansion of consciousness with Movement Meditation.

Experience and learn a centuries-old and proven way of meditation that is no longer taught in this way. Find your center and your own answers in life.

Non-binding consultation

No here is not “buying a pig in a poke” In advance please ask all your questions. We answer them all. We want to help you.

Price guarantee


Currency fluctuations are at our expense. You choose your package.


If you follow the instructions, a 100% positive change will occur. If you do not notice any progress, you will get your money* back or a credit*.

*Depart from the time spent on live coaching.

The coaching

It all began a very long time ago. Napalai had suffered countless setbacks. The medidation had helped her once before and so she asked her brother to bring her back to this place, to your master, to your temple.

Today she wants to pass on to the world what saved her life, what helped her to find her center again – to arrive, and at the same time reactivated her strengths.

In this valuable 1:1 coaching she addresses your questions, observes you and teaches you the right way to a unique form of meditation.



The meditation journey

Of course, you can also customize your program before or after. Please contact us for details.


7 days meditation in the temple of the monks

7 days to leave everyday life behind. 5 days among monks, meditating several times a day. In a place that is otherwise closed to tourists, in this form.


7 days of rest and relaxation in the temple of monks

Complete tranquility in an extraordinary place. The temple is a cave.
The place has its own microclimate and has a special energy.


7 days just for you in the temple of the monks

Find yourself, find your inner center, your peace of mind. Find your way back to your energy. Find out what is good for you, unperturbed by outside influences in complete seclusion.

Online – Meditation


Familiarization package € 89.00 incl. VAT

1 video tutorial + 1 debriefing via phone (15 min.)
Worth € 129 incl. VAT


Meditation Bais Hybrid Package € 189.00 incl. VAT

1 video instruction + 1 live instruction via video call + 3 debriefings
via telephone (a, 15 minutes) Worth € 289.00 incl. VAT


De Luxe Hybrid package € 289.00 incl. VAT

The de Luxe Live package plus preliminary talk by phone + 1 additional video call
+ 3 debriefings, worth € 389,00


3 ways one goal

The traditional Thai Move – Meditation

In therapeutic hypnosis or mental coaching one speaks of the so-called “critical subconscious”! It has its own rules and is therefore unpredictable. The only solution there is, for a lasting success, you must be able to determine the solution yourself and there we are in the supreme discipline of meditation.

For this, meditation must do without suggestions. Suggestions, even positive ones, can negatively influence your behavior, your actual goal.

The way to us

Arrange a non-binding consultation

Customers feedback

A heartfelt thank you

My sessions with Peter have had a central theme and have touched me deeply emotionally. In hypnosis, which I was always worried about and which is so solution-oriented, the cause of the blockage came up. Immediately afterwards, I was able to take a really deep breath. Before I had a kind of belly band that is now gone. Free breath, feeling of freedom on all levels, unlocking in all that is and a wonderful feeling with which I now go through life. All in just 3 sessions!!!

I can only recommend Peter, he is very sensitive and sensible in his work. With a lot of empathy he gives confidence in the method, to me the solution was in a challenging situation.

Thank you Peter and keep up the good work.


Dear Mr. Rabeneck,

thank you very much for your wonderful support with my personal challenges. Working with you gave me a whole new perspective on old problems, which I was able to solve in a very short time with your help. I can definitely recommend your work!

Opening hours for non-customers

Working days from – 9:30 to 17:30

Saturdays – 09:00 till 11:30

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