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“You will be tomorrow what you think today” #Buddha

Eric Roberts and Peter Christian Rabeneck

Eric Roberts meets Peter Christian Rabeneck at #wrongfulldeath with #patwind and #vjekoslavkatusin


Michael Pare and Peter Christan Rabeneck

Michael Pare meets Peter Christian Rabeneck at #wrongfulldeath with #patwind and #vjekoslavkatusin


Charming unknown ladies from Vox and Peter Christian Rabeneck, among others.

Franco Nero and Peter Christian Rabeneck

#franconero and #peterchristianrabeneck at #wrongfulldeath with #patwind and #vjekoslavkatusin

Ahmet Oztürk and Peter Christian Rabeneck

#wrongfulldeath , #patwind #vjekoslavkusin

Roland Bolland and Peter Christian Rabeneck

Rob Bolland and Peter Christian Rabeneck #powersofmind , #vjekoslavkusin #wrongfuldeath

Celebrities as guests

Celebrities and Peter Christian Rabeneck at #wrongfuldeath #vjekoslavkutsin #patwind #powersofmind

Celebrities as guests

Celebrities and Peter Christian Rabeneck #wrongfuldeath #powersofmind #patwind #vjekoslavkutusin

Isabella Brenza and Peter Christian Rabeneck

Isabella Brenza and Peter Christian Rabeneck #wrongfuldeath #vejkoslavkatusin #patwind #powersofmind

Katharina Gerhardt and Peter Christian Rabeneck

Katharina Gerhardt and Peter Christian Rabeneck #wrongfuldeath #powersofmind #potentialfessler

How important
is the mind set?

Powers of Mind, the company of renowned coach Peter Christian Rabeneck, is pleased to announce that it is the official partner of the world premiere of the high-profile international feature film “Wrongful Death.” The film, directed by acclaimed director Vjekoslav Katusin, features talented Hollywood actors Eric Roberts and Michael Paré in the lead roles. The partnership between Powers of Mind and Wrongful Death is a collaboration between two creative forces that celebrate the power of the mind and the power of art.

Peter Christian Rabeneck, mentor and coach of Powers of Mind, is known for his expertise in the areas of mind power, inner strength and unconscious forces. Peter Christian Rabeneck, a valuable companion on the path to rediscovering inner strength and returning to one’s inner center.

With his empathetic and professional guidance, he helps them realize their true destiny and develop their full potential.

Especially for actors who take on challenging roles through method acting, the emotional and psychological effects of this embodiment can be felt over a long period of time. But it’s not just actors who face such challenges. Private individuals can also unconsciously hide in characteristic roles in order to cope with stressful life situations.

“Wrongful Death” and Powers of Mind share the belief that everything we need is already within us.

Powers of Mind is looking forward to this exciting partnership with “Wrongful Death” and will support the premiere of the film with its presence and commitment.


News about Wrongfull Death

Below the picture is the link to the video of Rob Bolland

NEWS – One of our many celebrity guests – We are pleased.

Meditation is her way

Who always thought that beauty and profundity do not go together, will be taught better here.

She did not have it easy in her life, she comes from a poor background and had to raise two children without any support. Because the fathers did not take responsibility (which is unfortunately not uncommon in Thailland).

But she has always risen above herself, and so a former loose saleswoman has become a sales manager at the hotel. She learned English. And after learning how to sell, she started her own business. Here she had to pay a lot of apprenticeship money and start again and again from scratch. Finally, what had to happen, everything collapsed on you. She suffered burnout and temporarily lost her memory.

How could she possibly have gotten through it all? Right as unbelievable as it sounds – mediation helped her through all the crises. After she understood the deeper meaning in meditation, she got the support from a monk and she was accepted for half a year. Napalai’s master (monk) taught her the high art of meditation without suggestions, without outside help to empty his thoughts and to find his own center. Because the answer is within you and meditation brings you to it.

Today she owns several VK stores and wants to spread the ancient tradition of meditation. That’s how we got to know each other – What had to happen.

Today I am glad that we have found each other. Because for a long time, I felt that the way of meditation in our culture can only be a bridge to a perfect meditation.

An exclusive offer

We are very happy that the monks give us the opportunity to give our culture an insight into their lives. Immerse yourself exclusively in the world of the monks.

You get up with the monks and you go to bed with the monks. Everything is as it should be.

Also the place with its special energy and its own microclimate by the cave in the connection, are already something special.

Look forward with us. We still need some organizational preparations but we think in Oct./ Nov. the first guests to be allowed to receive.

Please take into account that this trip is only for small groups – Max. 10 TN.


The Strengths Test is my own creation.

After I had gained more and more experience and my own demands on the coaching result became higher and higher, I noticed that there are characteristics that cannot be changed. That didn’t leave me alone. So I found that I could help people, however, with a kind of instruction manual. You will then know how they work and why they react the way they do! Thus, they are able to cope with many situations in life more easily.

The strengths test is something like a light switch in a dark room at night. If you do not turn on a light, you must move very carefully so as not to fall. On the other hand, turn on the light. See all the obstacles and can calmly avoid them and go your way.


In 2020, I was recognized by the Prestige Award for my special achievements in service and quality.

You asked me to accept the award and at the same time asked me to do an interview in English, since your magazine is read in many countries. I was very taken with it and agreed. I was even more taken when they told me how they came upon me. They saw my reviews, found out about me and all of them gave you only the best references about me. Then it was clear who deserved the prize for Berlin (my location at the time).

Here you can read the full interview I gave.
Interview – Peter Christian Rabeneck (Lucky Raven)

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