It all began in 1958, back then I didn’t know what abilities I had inside me. So I started with a classic career in the automotive industry. Among other things, I worked as a staff consultant in sales, service, network planning, controlling and training and as CEO of a Mercedes-Benz main dealer of more than 120 employees.

In 2004, my life changed abruptly. I started as a management consultant and trainer and gradually I discovered my inclinations and talents in coaching.

Richard Bandler and John La Valle were my instructors, they also taught Tony Robins or Paul McKanna. In addition, I deepened my knowledge in anamnesis and therapeutic hypnosis. With the pursuit of perfection, I wanted even more, there is still something that is even better and so I trained myself in different directions. These are not so famous, but effective and helpful. The good does not always have to be known.

In 2016, I created my own personal diagnostic test( that focuses on finding out unconscious strengths. And unique in the world holds an instruction manual for man. As a sought-after guest author, his first contributions were published in the books “Das Genussprinzip” and “Erfolg” under the auspices of Wolfgang Scherer.

Today, my clients include a wide variety of people. Hollywood stars, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, psychologists and ordinary people from all walks of life like you and me.

You all have one thing in common – you are free spirits, open to new things and you dare to step out of the crowd.

My highlights:

My training company – my first sales job – the start at the manufacturer as ET district manager – the promotion from commercial manager to sales manager. Area manager to head of business consulting at Mercedes-Benz under the auspices of Mr. Panka – CEO of 120 people – The fall – The rise again – the meeting with Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP – 99% success rate in coaching and training – inventor of the Lucky Raven – Inventor of the original StrengthsTest ® – Founder of Powersofmind with over 40 years of experience. And the cooparation with Napalai Chongkitthana, an expert in the field of Move Meditation.

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